This is me

this is me

I have worked in hospitality and events all my life, knowing pretty early on that weddings would be the butter to my toast. After 10 years as a wedding planner, I wanted ‘more’ from my relationships that I built from my couples in the process. So I switched focus from the overall beauty of a wedding, to the most important part… where you ACTUALLY get married.

The Vegemite to my buttered toast.

When I’m not creating lifelong bonds, my days are filled with enthusiastic attempts at being a domestic goddess, chasing my family around the dog park, overthinking, making to do lists, fighting with printers, and Netflix and tea with hubby in the evenings.

I like my coffee strong and most tea varieties, but ginger, lemongrass and liquorice can go jump in the lake. Champagne (or sparkling wine for those hair splitters) is my poison of choice. I have an unhealthy obsession with trees, online shopping, Pinterest, candles and our incredible Australian landscape. I’ll take winter over summer, savoury over sweet and sunsets over sunrises… just.